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Väter und Windelfrei

Wenn man sich so die Kommentare des 123-Windelfrei-Blogs anschaut und hier und da in Foren liest, scheinen die Windelfrei-Väter ziemlich unterrepräsentiert…
Papas, wo seid Ihr?! Gerade Eure Erfahrungsberichte sind so spannend.

Auf EC Simplified haben ich einen herzerwärmenden Kurzbericht gelesen:

Early each morning, just moments after I hear my wife begins feeding our 6 week old son, I rub my eyes and pop up to the thrill of another day with my wonderful little Andrew. Smiling and sleepy we both gaze at each other. „pssss”…”pssss” I whisper, as I gently hold him over the sink. His eyes roll back slightly, his shoulders shrug, and he pees right on cue every time 🙂 He and I share the most wonderful times throughout the day. Starting with morning pee and poo-poo time. Some whole days go by with one cloth diaper! I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been to find this way of connecting with my boy. It’s easy for fathers to feel a little left out at times. But EC and baby wearing have made me feel like my wife and my baby know I’m doing everything I can to meet their needs! I love it!” – Jason H., Monterey, CA

Für Windelfrei-Einsteiger-Daddys gibt es ein nettes Arbeitsheft für Väter von Andrea Olson: EC Guide for Dads